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Independent Corporate Business Consultants

We are widely recognised as one of the most Innovative Business Consultancy Practices in Northern Ireland & we are retained by a myriad of Companies throughout the United Kingdom.

At Independent Corporate Business Consultants, we have experienced Professionals who can provide detailed advice on succession planning and family business matters.

We can develop a strategy that is tailor made for you and one that meets your objectives, ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth, power and responsibility.

We provide a bespoke service for a wide range of Clients, who are either well established within their sector or New Start Up Companies, who require guidance and advice for their new businesses.

We have Professionally Qualified Advisors who are well placed to provide a wide range of services including:

  • Corporate Financial Advice including:
    • Providing Tailor Made Business Plans (virtually a pre requisite for all Banks)
    • Bespoke Report Writing to help secure New & Ongoing Business Funding
    • Corporate & Personal Will Advice
    • Share Holder & Partnership Protection Advice

  • Advice on Business Strategy including:
    • Which markets to address as a business
    • Increasing sales associated with those markets
    • How to make profits from the increased sales

  • Direction on Managing a Business including:
    • How to manage people
    • How to lead people
    • How to change your business so you are more effective and more efficient

In conjunction with our sister Company, Independent Mortgage & Investment Advisors, who are recognised as one of the leading firms of Independent Financial Advisors in Northern Ireland, we can provide advice through Professionally Qualified Advisors & Solicitors, relating to Share Holder & Partnership Protection.

It is imperative that the structure of any Business makes provision within both their Corporate & Personal Wills, to ensure that the intended succession of the Business passes by way of a seamless transition to the intended beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, many Directors & Business Owners are so busy on a day to day basis, that this important area of Business Planning is overlooked and the realisation of the problem, only becomes apparent in the unfortunate event of one of the Directors or Business Owners suffering a Critical Illness or Death.

We therefore recommend that such needs are catered for at a very early stage, thus ensuring that such difficulties are avoided in the event of the Death or Critical Illness of a Business Owner or Director. Such advice will also address the issue relating to the business falling into the hands of someone who the Business Owners or Directors do not wish to pass ownership to by default

Dealing with Independent Corporate Business Consultants allows you to:

  • Ensure the ownership of your business is not at risk;
  • Gain access to further funds;
  • Improve your sales;
  • Improve your profit; and
  • Lead and manage your business with piece of mind.


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